Cleaning and preserving gowns is a job we take very seriously. Most brides want to preserve memories with pictures, videos, and a preserved wedding gown in a beautiful preservation chest. The task of preserving a wedding gown is multi-faceted. It involves:

        • Proper inspection of all areas of the gown
        • Proper testing of all the different beading and trim
        • Selection of the soaps and solvents needed to carefully remove all stains
        • Gentle cycle cleaning in a specially designed wedding gown net
        • Careful re-inspection of all trim and soiled areas
        • Meticulous pressing and stuffing with acid-free paper to ensure no fading over time
        • Sewing of any loose beads or buttons or trim
        • Careful placement in an acid-free box to ensure safe storage over the years
 All these steps are taken to ensure your complete satisfaction in knowing that your gown will be a valued keepsake in your family for many years to come. When you trust your gown to us, a simple pressing 20 years from now will have your gown ready to wear by the next generation!!!
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