Expert Fire & Water Restoration Services

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September 3, 2016
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September 3, 2016

Expert Fire & Water Restoration Services


As the best laundry and dry cleaning company in Honolulu, DRY CLEAN EXPRESS is committed to providing the best garment restoration service and customer care available. We hope you never have to use these services, but have comfort in the fact, that when you do need us, we will be there, and ready to handle any restoration work related to fire or water loss. Our experienced staff is trained to fully assist clients from the moment the garments arrive at our plant until the garments are restored and delivered.

                • Immediate response ensures maximum salvageable value
                • Free pick-up and delivery
                • Customer service representatives answer questions and address concerns
                • Faster turnaround time is available for essential garments that are needed immediately
                • Garment storage
                • Technicians evaluate each garment before restoring or cleaning
                • State-of-the-art equipment successfully restores most garments that have not been using a specialized process to eliminate smoke odor and mold spores
                • Modern, high capacity cleaning plants process numerous orders simultaneously
                • Itemized billing is provided.

Restoring garments after a fire or flood saves money. Most garments, as long as they are not actually burned, can be restored. DRY CLEAN EXPRESS can clean and remove smoke odor and mold spores from virtually any item:

                • Clothing, shoes, belts and hats
                • Blankets, comforters and pillows
                • Bed and table linens
                • Leather, suede and furs
                • Draperies and area rugs
                • Stuffed animals