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Wedding Gown Cleaning & Preservation

Preserving Wedding Gowns Since 1992


For the Best in Wedding Gown Preservation

With our exceptional wedding gown preservation department, we are prepared to clean, preserve and restore your cherished  wedding gown and other garments for future generations. Brides choosing to box their gowns may select our Heirloom Packaging, which includes an acid free window box for see-thru viewing.

The months, weeks and days preceding a wedding are full of ‘to do’ lists and details, large and small, that must be dealt with if the ‘BIG DAY’ is to be the success that dreams are made of. There are dresses to buy, tuxedos to rent, flowers to arrange, songs to select, a photographer to choose, appointments to make – the list of things to handle would fill pages. And the fear that some small detail has been missed, or some arrangement has not been made, never leaves the subconscious, and often even the conscious mind.

After the beautiful day is over, you’re usually off on your honeymoon trip. That gorgeous gown is usually left bunched up in a corner, placed under a bed, or in a closet. It’s not until some time later that thoughts of cleaning and preserving your expensive wedding gown reach the top of your “things to do” list.

Since many stains, especially alcohol and sugar, tend to “set” in fabric over time, it is a good idea to make sure that your gown is brought in to us for proper treatment as soon as possible. We will even be glad to come and pick up the gown for you. Just click here and we’ll be glad to arrange a convenient time.

Learn More About Our Gown Preservation Process

Cleaning and preserving a wedding gown is not a simple task. The job has many facets as the brides want to preserve their wedding gown in an elegant preservation chest, like keeping memories with pictures and videos.
The process of preserving a wedding gown involves:
  • Proper inspection of all areas of the gown
  • Our team will carefully test all the various beading and trim
  • We'll choose the soaps and solvents required to remove all stains from the dress
  • Tenderly cycle cleaning in a specially designed wedding gown net
  • Re-inspecting all the trimmed and soiled areas
  • Carefully press and stuff acid-free paper to make sure the gown doesn't fade after some years
  • We'll sew any loose beads, buttons, or trim
  • The wedding gown will be placed in an acid-free box for secure storage
We'll follow these steps to make sure you're completely happy with our preservation work. You can rest easy knowing that a simple pressing now will keep your gown ready to wear for the generations to come in the future.

Preserving Wedding Gowns Since 1992


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